Left-Wing Activists Harass Random New Yorkers Over Jordan Neely’s Death, Defunding The Police

(Screenshot/Rebecca Brannon/Twitter)

James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Left-wing activists were caught on video Thursday night shouting at random New York City residents over the death of homeless man Jordan Neely and the need to defund the police.

Footage taken by journalist Rebecca Brannon shows a small group of protesters disrupting diners at the famous Shake Shack located in Madison Square Park. (RELATED: Swedish Cameraman Decks Climate Activist Moments After They Disrupt Primetime Show)

The protesters were holding up signs and yelling about Jordan Neely’s death in May following a chokehold by ex-Marine Daniel Penny. The former Marine and two other men allegedly held Neely down after he allegedly threatened passengers on a Subway train.

“Y’all saw what happened to Jordan Neely, right? Right here in New York City, the same sh*t that happened in 2020 happened right here,” a protester screamed.

Neely had been arrested over 40 times and suffered from chronic mental health problems prior to his death, according to the New York Post. Penny was charged by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in May with second-degree manslaughter because of the incident. (RELATED: This New York Law Could Keep Marine From Prison In Subway Death Case, Expert Says)

“Don’t just sit out here at night and look pretty — come join us!” another protester pleaded. She was holding up a sign calling for defunding the police and distributing resources to communities, a common demand made by Black Lives Matter activists during the summer 2020 George Floyd riots.

“Black liberation is the key to everyone’s liberation,” another protester lectured. He proceeded to criticize President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. “We’re not fucking crazy. We just wanna’ be fuckin’ free!” he concluded.

“Your government — our government has failed us” the girl continued. She repeated her demands for more government resources to be redirected into communities. “We ask you to listen and we ask you to join us,” she added.

Additional protesters marched through Manhattan with LGBT pride flags and other signs while speaking out against NYC Mayor Eric Adams. One protester allegedly smashed a window on Park Avenue when the group walked by and other protesters allegedly knocked down dining chairs.