Police Find 7 Bodies In Pickup Truck Parked At Tijuana Gas Station

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Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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Seven bodies were found Sunday on the back of a pickup truck in Tijuana’s Murua Neighborhood, according to NBC News.

Local police officers are conducting an investigation after seven bodies were retrieved in an F-150 white pickup truck parked at a Gasko gas station near Héctor Terán Terán Boulevard, according to NBC News. Mexican investigators found the first dead body wrapped in a blanket in the back seat of the pickup, and then further inspections led to the discovery of six more bodies, three of which are confirmed to be men. (RELATED: ‘A Parent’s Worst Nightmare’: Police Find Seven Dead Bodies On Property Of Convicted Rapist)

Details surrounding the case are scarce, and it is unclear how the victims died, however officials reportedly noted that the pickup’s license plate was from California.

Major of Tijuana Montserrat Caballero reported that at least two suspects were allegedly arrested in relation to this case, according to ABC News.

“These people stopped on Terán Terán Boulevard; they were driving in a van when the officers approached,” Caballero said, according to ABC News. “They already noticed the presence of some bodies. At dawn, they counted five, and by the morning, there were seven.”