‘The View’ Co-Hosts Say Trump Arraignment Is ‘Sad Day’ As Some Audience Members Cheer

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” co-hosts said Tuesday that former President Donald Trump’s arraignment is a “sad day” as some members of the audience cheered.

The co-hosts said the indictment of a former president is one they hoped never to see, despite celebrating the indictment during Tuesday’s panel. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s mention of the arraignment caused some members of the audience to cheer.

“It is another sad day,” Goldberg began. “Another historic day because you know who [Trump] is said to be federally arraigned.”

“Woo!” a few members of the audience cheered, followed by some laughter.

“Yeah, well, you know it’s really kinda sad. Folks of a certain age, did you ever think you’d live to see this happening?” Goldberg continued. (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Says It’s ‘Sad’ That Trump Is Being Indicted) 

“No,” her fellow co-hosts all replied.

“It’s the first time and that’s why I say it’s a sad day because whatever you feel about this man and what he did, what is sort of unleashed in our nation is heartbreaking,” Goldberg said. “And there still people saying ‘well no, it’s fine. He didn’t do anything.'”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said her “heart breaks for the country” because half the country allegedly believes the “lies about the 2020 election” and denies that Trump did anything wrong. The co-host added that she does not know how the Republican Party can recover from this.

Co-host Joy Behar then compared the indictment to former President Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal from the early 1970’s.

“I mean, yes, it’s a sad day. But I’ve been through the Watergate hearings and those were sad days also. And we came through with those. At that time, the Republicans were not as crazy as they are right now and they basically got Nixon out. I mean, Barry Goldwater was an extreme right-wing candidate and he told Nixon ‘you don’t have the votes from the Republicans.’ And that’s why we got rid of Nixon. This guy [Trump] unfortunately has a bunch of enablers all over the place in the Republican Party.”

Behar praised some Republicans, namely presidential candidate Nikki Haley and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, for having “changed their tune” on the indictment. Haley initially called the indictment a witch hunt, but then called the documents case “incredibly reckless” during a Fox News interview Monday.

During Monday’s panel, co-host Sunny Hostin said she “gleefully” read the indictment, while co-host Ana Navarro said she had not had so much fun reading something since buying “Fifty Shades of Gray.”