Fans Are Put-Off By The Weeknd’s Sex Scenes In ‘The Idol’


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Viewers are pushing back against The Weeknd’s new series “The Idol,” saying the raunchy rape fantasy scenes are horrifying and offensive and they want no part of it.

Many fans are specifically referencing an explicit sex scene that aired Sunday night, in which The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, tells a woman to “fucking stretch that tiny little pussy” while she provocatively sticks her own fingers in her mouth. Other scenes that flash across the screen include seductive moments that quickly turn into porn-like actions.

The old adage that “sex sells” may officially have to be retired after viewers tune in to “The Idol.” The envelope-pushing sex scenes aren’t resonating with fans in the way that Tesfaye and director Sam Levinson may have hoped.

The extreme content and delivery of the lines, paired with the provocative scenes have pushed too far past the line for some viewers, and have ventured into being offensive, rather than entertaining.

The internet has exploded with criticism, and critics aren’t holding back.

“I will never see the weeknd the same after this #theidol,” tweeted one viewer.

“The Weeknd is such a pervert omg,” wrote another.

Another fan commented by saying he “lost respect” for the star. (RELATED: ‘Am I An A*shole?’: Famous Actress Reveals She Has Never Faked An Orgasm)

“I think y’all clearly dk the idol is a show about promoting rape fantasy and porn, Jennie acted in it by personally approaching for the role. She is supporting rape which is wrong,” wrote another fan.

Another fan issued a warning to anyone planning to tune in to “The Idol” to see what the chatter is all about.

“Don’t watch it at all. Don’t give it relevancy or validation as media. There is no reason to watch Sam Levinson’s rape fantasy to show. Doing it “ironically” and talking about it still gives him clout.