REPORT: Zion Williamson Has ‘No Relationship’ With Pelicans Organization, ‘Minimal’ With New Orleans Teammates

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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When it rains, it pours.

As of late, Zion Williamson has found himself in a ton of drama. Whether it’s the fiasco going on with the “nasty a*s sex addict” allegations against him or trade rumors flying as we close in on the 2023 NBA Draft, Zion can’t seem to catch a break lately.

Well, it’s not getting better for the superstar anytime soon, as negative reports are now coming out about his relationship with both the New Orleans Pelicans organization and his teammates.

While speaking on his “Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective” podcast, ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst reported that Zion Williamson‘s relationship with the entire Pelicans franchise is virtually nonexistent.

“It’s surprising to me how out there it is in the league that the Pelicans are discussing Zion business. I want to be very careful about the word ‘offer’ because that word is a dangerous word,” said Windhorst. “I’m not sure the Pelicans have ‘offered’ Zion to anybody, but every day that passes over the past five or six days, I hear different discussions the Pelicans have had that implies they are going to make Zion available. Him or Brandon Ingram. I wouldn’t rule out anything I guess, but the events of the last six months with Zion are what they are.”

There is no relationship between Zion and the organization, and minimal relationship between Zion and his teammates, from what I understand.”


Holy cow … we could actually be looking at a situation where Zion Williamson could soon be playing for a new team, and in a matter of days at this point. And to think once upon a time this was going to be the Pelicans’ golden boy.

I mean, dang, this is Zion Williamson. His hype was unreal at one time.

What it sounds like to me is when Zion got all that money, he went completely sideways and just stopped caring about the game of basketball — one of those athletes that gets sucked into the lifestyle.

Just think about it: He’s always smiling on the bench and doesn’t seem to care about playing, at one point he gained all of this weight and obviously wasn’t working out, he’s hanging out with porn stars and other women that are going to bring bad news, he has literally no relationship with the organization and barely has one with his teammates, and he’s been a disaster like this since getting into the league, progressively getting worse and worse. He was an animal at Duke — a complete horse. (RELATED: NBA Suspends Ja Morant For 25 Games)

But as soon as he got that money … that was it. That’s how it looks to me.

This is starting to turn into a sad story of wasted talent.