Conservatives React To NPR Father’s Day Article About ‘Pregnant Dad’

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Conservatives slammed NPR for publishing a Father’s Day article about a “pregnant dad.”

NPR published a story Saturday about the 37-year-old Kayden Coleman, a biological female, who underwent a double mastectomy and was told by doctors she could not get pregnant after undergoing years of cross-sex hormone therapy. The article featured a photograph of the bearded Coleman shirtless and heavily pregnant.

Conservatives lost no time in pointing out that anyone who gets pregnant is a woman and thus not a father. (RELATED: Planned Parenthood Director Claims During Hearing That Men Can Get Pregnant) 

To all the men that used to be women that are now freaks…Happy belated Father’s Day,” tweeted podcast host Douglas Ducote.

“Evidently the double mastectomy & hormonal therapy didn’t affect the plumbing on this biological woman. Men don’t get pregnant. Somebody inform NPR.” one user wrote.

“Indoctrination by PUBLIC FUNDED NPR TV! Trans man with intact ovaries gives birth as NPR celebrates Father’s Day with pregnant dad story! The insanity of the left! A female ‘trans man’ had ovaries, it isn’t miraculous it’s biology, real science!!” broadcaster and field reporter Debbie Aldrich posted.

“Accelerating decline of intelligence Update: NPR celebrates Father’s Day with pregnant dad story,” former New York Post editor and reporter Fredric Dicker tweeted.

“One of the biggest things that people get wrong is that [trans men] hate our bodies, and thus, anything remotely feminine would be something that we will reject — including pregnancy,” Coleman told NPR. “For those of us who identify more on the masculine spectrum, just because we identify as such does not take away our desire to have kids. If we have the body parts to do so, why not?”

Liberals and Democrats have been claiming for years that men can get pregnant. A WPA Intelligence poll from Sept. 2022 found nearly a quarter of Democrats believe men are capable of getting pregnant.

In 2021, Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush referred to women as “birthing people” during an Oversight Committee hearing.