Police Reportedly Carry Greta Thunberg Away From Climate Change Protest Blocking Oil Tankers

Johan Nilsson/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images

Kate Hirzel Contributor
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Police on Monday reportedly carried climate activist Greta Thunberg away from a five-day protest aiming to disrupt oil tankers’ operations in Sweden.

Accompanied by fellow demonstrators from the group “Ta Tillbaka Framtiden” (Take Back the Future), Thunberg attempted to halt the transportation of oil by sitting in the road and preventing vehicles from leaving, according to The Telegraph. A photo from the protest appears to show police holding the 20-year-old activist by the arms and leading her away from her fellow protesters. 

Take Back the Future tweeted updates during the protest June 19. One photo appears to show a protestor sitting cross-legged with a sign after climbing onto a tanker. (RELATED: Time Magazine Tries To Blame Crappy Infrastructure Management On Climate Change In Hilariously Tragic Article)

“Through its harmful activities, the fossil fuel industry has had our lives in its hands for far too long,” Take Back the Future spokesperson Irma Kjellström said, according to Express. “We young people have had enough – it’s time that those who threaten all our chances and dreams are stopped.”

Thunberg previously praised activists who obstructed the Swedish government’s climate meeting June 16.

“They invited Sweden’s biggest polluters, but not climate scientists, youth and climate movements,” Thunberg tweeted. 

Thunberg was reportedly detained while protesting an onshore wind farm project in Norway in March. She was allegedly detained by German police while protesting a coal mine expansion in January, though later reports circulated claiming viral footage of the alleged detainment may have been staged. Thunberg drew criticism in March after deleting a five-year-old Tweet citing a prediction that humans would go extinct if fossil fuels were still being used in 2023.