Gender Clinic Whistleblower Says Kids Got Hormones Days After Coming Out As ‘Nonbinary’


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Jamie Reed, a former case manager at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital transgender clinic, says her ex-employer would have prescribed a child cross-sex hormones within days of that child coming out as nonbinary.

Reed sent an affidavit to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey in February, alleging that children at the clinic were given invasive sex change treatments with little to no psychiatric evaluations. Bailey has since announced an investigation into the clinic, releasing language in April for an emergency rule that would limit sex changes for children in the state.

“Let’s say I bring a 12-year-old daughter to you. Three days ago she said she was nonbinary, she wants they/them pronouns, what happens to her from there?” Konstantin Kisin, co-host of the podcast Triggernometry asked Reed during a newly released episode. (RELATED: ‘Women Clearly Had Penises’: British PM Under Fire For Secretly Recorded Joke)

“So initially I would try to be encouraging you as a parent to find a therapist, and start working with a therapist for your kid. But the minute you’re talking to me on the phone you have already started on a pathway,” Reed responded. “Because the only therapist that I have to refer your kid to are therapists who are going to affirm their gender identity, not question it at all, and potentially as soon as I say take your kid to that therapist, that therapist might see them for one or two visits and send them right back to the center to get started and seen by the people who prescribe hormones.”

“So three days ago my daughter says, ‘I think I’m nonbinary’ because she saw on social media, let’s say. I bring her to you, you send us to a therapist, therapist sees her a couple of times, sends us back to you in order to see a doctor to prescribe hormones?” Kisin asked.

“Potentially, yes,” Reed said.

Reed has alleged that the Missouri gender clinic would prescribe cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers without making patients and parents aware of the harmful side effects of the drugs. She also claimed that the clinic worked to undermine parental rights and would invariably side with the parent who was in favor of a gender transition rather than the one who adopted a more cautious approach.

A 2021 study found that an average of 87.8 percent of dysphoric boys become comfortable with their biological sex in later years. But in cases in which doctors offer puberty suppressants, often touted as a cost-free and reversible way to delay the onset of puberty in a dysphoric child, patients are far more likely to go on to receive hormone therapies and surgeries.

Puberty blockers also carry a number of health side effects, including bone development issues in children and an increased risk of fractures later in life.. England’s National Health Service on Friday officially announced plans to ban the use of puberty blockers for minors outside clinical research settings.

Cross-sex hormones can cause permanent infertility and are linked to high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, liver damage, weight gain and diabetes, according to Kaiser Permanente.