Rep. Lauren Boebert Will Force Biden Impeachment Vote

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

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Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert announced Tuesday evening that she would be bringing articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden in a privileged motion, forcing a vote from every member of Congress.

Boebert’s resolution, which was introduced earlier this month, includes two articles of impeachment against Biden – one concerning the abuse of power in relation to Federal immigration policy and the second for dereliction of duty for the unchecked crisis at the border, including fentanyl trafficking. (RELATED: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Says House Could Vote On Biden Impeachment Next Week)

“Using the powers of his high office, President Biden has knowingly presided over an executive branch that has continuously, overtly, and consistently violated Federal immigration law by pursuing an aggressive, open-borders agenda,” the resolution reads.

Boebert further argued in the resolution that Biden has “purposefully and knowingly” released more than 2,000,000 undocumented migrants into the interior of the United States “without the intention or ability to ensure that they appear in immigration court to face asylum or deportation proceedings.”

By failing to uphold the rule of law, Boebert argued, Biden has neglected his duties and violated his oath to the Constitution. Such conduct, Boebert alleged, warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to serve in any other capacity for the government.

White House spokesman Ian Sams accused Boebert of executing a “political stunt” with her impeachment resolutions, according to The Hill.

“Instead of working with President Biden on solutions to the issues that matter most to the American people…extreme House Republicans are staging baseless political stunts that do nothing to help real people and only serve to get themselves attention,” Sams responded.