Nationals Manager Davey Martinez Hilariously Lays Down On The Ground To Prove His Point To Umpire After Being Ejected

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I’m becoming such a fan of Davey Martinez.

The Washington Nationals and Arizona Diamondbacks squared off Thursday, with a viral moment coming out of the game from Nats manager Davey Martinez.

Before being kicked out of the game, Martinez was chirping at home plate umpire Doug Eddings, complaining that too many low pitches were getting called as strikes, with some of them potentially outside of the strike zone. Eventually being thrown out, Martinez said screw it and literally laid down on the ground to further prove his point to Eddings, showing him where he thought the pitches were landing.

It was absolutely fantastic and comes just a little over a week after another hilarious incident from Martinez that saw him print out a picture to prove that he was right about a call that he was complaining about. So glorious.

God, I love this guy.


Oh, man. Let’s get a replay of that:

This is the second time in pretty much a week that Davey Martinez has pulled off a classic comedic stunt and now it’s got me curious to see what this guy does for the rest of the season.

I might be heavily invested in the NL East as an Atlanta Braves/Miami Marlins fan and as a hater of the New York Mets (and having interest in the Philadelphia Phillies due to my connections to Pennsylvania), but I admit I’m quite ignorant when it comes to Washington Nationals baseball. I had no idea that this guy has been the manager of the Nats since 2018. So now I’m curious … is this something that Davey has been doing for years or is this a new trend? (RELATED: Off To A Great Start! Bama’s Brandon Miller Slammed With Boos By Hornets Fanbase After Charlotte Drafts Him At No. 2)

*does research on Google*

Okay, so apparently this is something that he’s been doing for years now, so it begs the question … how on earth am I just now finding out about this? (Probably because the Nationals are trash all the time, other than their 2019 World Series championship that I gloriously embraced as a DMV’er — and one of the few times I’ve actually paid attention — and even then I had no idea who Davey was.)

I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much with Davey Martinez and that will definitely be changing immediately.