Multiple People Believe They Saw A UFO Over One State, And No One Has Debunked It Yet


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Multiple people reported seeing a rotating green light above them in Middletown, Ohio, on June 21, and no one has managed to debunk the footage almost a week later.

Whenever a new video of an unidentified flying object or unidentified aerial phenomenon (UFO/UAP) hits the internet, it is typically less than 24 hours before the footage is debunked as fake or swept under the rug, or the intelligence community steps in to do … whatever it is they do with our tax dollars.

But after a video of strange glowing green lights hit the web on June 21, the only thing people can say is that it looks like it was computer generated, but no one has seemed to prove that it was (yet). The video was apparently taken by one Caden Little in Middletown and was witnessed by multiple other parties, according to UFO Section 51. (RELATED: NASA Admits That Some UFOs Might Be Real, But There’s One Major Hurdle To Figuring It Out)

The thing, whatever it is, apparently appeared around 10:30 p.m. and moved in a clockwise direction before quickly flashing across the sky and disappearing, WCPO reported.

Local law enforcement have no explanation for the lights, and apparently the local county sheriff didn’t receive any calls about them. The president of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society told WCPO that the object moved was too fast to be a drone, but couldn’t offer any other type of explanation either.

You can decide for yourself what these things might be, but they definitely don’t seem to be any type of man-made object (unless this turns out to be CGI, which also wouldn’t surprise me).