Mini Pig Defends Farm From Bear

Matthew Nielsen Contributor
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A resolute miniature pig took did not backdown when confronted by a black bear that broke into a Vancouver farm’s animal pen on Sunday, causing the bear to turn in fright and back off.

Security camera footage shows the pig, Barbie Q, taking an impressive stance against the black bear, charging it down as the bear came a little too close for comfort, Fox13 Seattle reported.

The video shows the bear approaching Barbie Q, who charges the bear at the last second, prompting the bear to flee to a safe distance and then raise its paw, as if to say, “Chill, bro.” (RELATED: Video Shows Bear Cub Helping Itself To Fish From Backyard Pond In California)

Owner Crystal Walls and her family were away at the time, along with their four guardian dogs who would usually protect the farm, according to CBC. The security footage reportedly shows the bear sitting down for around 30 minutes after the encounter before eventually leaving the enclosure. Barbie Q was rewarded with belly rubs and fruit snacks for his heroics in the line of duty, the outlet reported.

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Matthew Nielsen