Baltimore Mayor Says Strict Gun Laws Don’t Work In City Because Of Several Republican-Led States

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott blamed several Republican-led states on Monday for gun violence in the city while on CNN.

A mass shooting erupted in Baltimore on Sunday during a block party, killing two while injuring 28 others including several teens, police said. Authorities are still investigating the deadly shooting.

Scott was asked whether he has “a sense” where the “illegal supply of guns” stems from, despite the city’s strict gun laws.

“Well, listen, we know historically most we recover every year more guns that come from other states. The other 50 states then in Maryland combined. So we know that’s how it happens. We know we’ve recovered hundreds of ghost guns this year, something that we have seen decline this year but we recovered 400 of them last year,” Scott said. “These guns come into Maryland – I want to be very clear about this – because Maryland has gun laws that actually have an impact. We have a ghost gun ban, which is why you see those numbers coming down. But these weapons come from Virginia. They come from Texas. They come from Florida. They come from Alabama. They come from everywhere in this country. And this is why it’s critically important, not just for me as the mayor of Baltimore, but every mayor that will tell you the same thing, we have to deal with this issue of guns, the flow of illegal guns into the hands of people who should not have them at the national level.”

“Ghost guns should be banned at the national level. Congress should be taking these things up right now as they said they would after Columbine happened way back in 1999. Here we are dozens of years later, decades later at this point and we’re still dealing with mass shootings because of the inaction to deal with this issue on a national level. This can no longer be an issue that falls to the feet of local police, local elected officials, or state governments.” (RELATED: Dem Mayor Demands Curfew To Curb Skyrocketing Youth Violence)

Baltimore was ranked the third most dangerous city in America in 2022, behind Birmingham, Alabama, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Maryland’s governor signed a series of strict gun control measures into place in May, including ones that limit where concealed carry handguns could be carried.