‘Thugs … Freaks’: Official Calls Out Philadelphia For ‘Lawlessness’ After 6-Year-Old Girl Gets Shot

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Brent Foster Contributor
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Camden County Commissioner Louis Cappelli, Jr. slammed Philadelphia for its “lawlessness” after a six-year-old girl was shot July 4.

The shooting occurred when two groups confronted each other near Wiggins Park in Camden, New Jersey, according to NBC 10.

A six-year-old suffered a knee injury as shots from the alleged confrontation rang out during a fireworks show, the outlet reported.

One of the alleged shooters reportedly hailed from Philadelphia, which Cappelli highlighted in a post-shooting press conference.

Cappelli addressed “the thugs, and criminals, and gun-bearing freaks over in Philadelphia who live in a society of lawlessness,” telling them to “stay out of Camden County,” according to NBC 10.

“Keep your barbaric behavior in Philadelphia,” Cappelli added.

The six-year-old girl was taken to the hospital along with three others who were not shot but still received minor injuries, the outlet noted. (RELATED: July Fourth Marred By Violence Across The Nation)

Three individuals were detained in relation to the shooting and one of the suspects has reportedly been released. Authorities described the shooting as an isolated occurrence, according to NBC 10.

“I am appalled by the derogatory statements made by Commissioner Louis Cappelli, Jr. A majority of the 1.59 million Philly residents are self-respecting, law-abiding citizens,” Philadelphia City Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson wrote Wednesday evening on Twitter. “To insinuate that ALL Philadelphians are “thugs,” “criminals,” & “freaks” is completely unacceptable.”

Cappelli said 80 percent of confiscated guns in Camden are from out-of-state and “from across the river from Philadelphia or Pennsylvania.”