You Know The Story! Now Watch The Video! Clip Surfaces Of Britney Spears-Victor Wembanyama Alleged Smacking Incident

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Why was she running up on him like that?

Obtained and released by TMZ, surveillance video shows the moment Britney Spears allegedly smacked herself after the pop star’s hand was pushed away while reaching for San Antonio Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama.

Spears alleged she was assaulted by Wembanyama‘s security, but Las Vegas Police will not press charges.

Initially, Spears accused a member of Wembanyama’s security staff of slapping her in the face when she was approaching the No. 1 NBA Draft pick for a photo Wednesday night.

Wembanyama said to reporters he wasn’t aware Spears was the person he recalled being grabbed by before one of his security guards “pushed her away.”


First off, Victor Wembanyama looks like a total prick and Britney Spears looks like a crazy person for running up on him like that, but overall, you have to criticize “Wemby” more than anybody in this situation.

Like … come on, man … when you have the opportunity to take a photo with a legend like Britney Spears, you do it, and if he really is being honest and didn’t know it was Britney Spears, why on earth didn’t any of his security team tell him any of this information? Surely, somebody had to know it was her, right? Are we sure we aren’t just acting like a big time NBA superstar even though we haven’t played a single game in the league yet?

It would have been a great social media flex (and flex, period) for Wembanyama (I mean, dang, he had Britney chasing after him), a great way to kick start a relationship with both the music industry and Hollywood and an opportunity to get yourself introduced to America through pop culture. But nope, just have your security team make Britney slap herself and force her to call the police to make it a national scandal. (RELATED: The Drama Is Real! Damian Lillard Reportedly Won’t Go To Training Camp If Not Traded To Miami Heat)

Just another reason to not like Victor Wembanyama to me … Spurs scum.