‘Mama Bear Fascism’: Joy Reid Criticizes New DeSantis Campaign Ad, Says He’s ‘Tormenting Gay Kids’


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MSNBC host Joy Reid criticized a new Ron DeSantis campaign commercial Friday and said he was “tormenting gay kids.”

‘Mamas for DeSantis,’ a group backing Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president, released a new ad promising to not allow leftists to advance their agenda on children. The campaign ad outlined DeSantis’ policy achievements in Florida like prohibiting critical race theory and stopping DEI.

Reid mocked the new ad, which put DeSantis’ wife Casey at the forefront. Reid suggested Casey’s presence serves to distract from her husband’s awkwardness. (RELATED: DeSantis Outlaws Out-Of-State Drivers’ Licenses Issued To Illegal Immigrants)

“Well, it’s official. Casey DeSantis has entered the race. Presumably to inject some personality into her awkward husband Ron’s campaign,” Reid said.

“Florida’s First Lady released a new ad to launch ‘Mamas for DeSantis,’ an initiative that espouses parental rights. But really, mama bear fascism. It’s the latest plug for DeSantis’ bare bones platform. What is he promising anyways, other than tormenting gay kids and the Latino workers who fuel Florida’s economy?” Reid added.

Reid brought on two guests, Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher and former Speaker John Boehner advisor Maura Gillespie to discuss DeSantis’ struggles.

Reid explained her theory on how some people desire change for the sake of it since they are bored and wondered why DeSantis isn’t benefitting from that.

“He’s become such an extremist. He’s so weird. He then goes out and tries to blame the media for his sagging poll numbers by bragging about how much money he’s raising. Then it turns out that’s a lie because 80% of the $130 million he raised he just transferred from his fund from when he ran for governor. So he can’t even do that right. Why do you suppose that the person who in theory should be the person benefitting from the boredom and change desire is such a disaster?” Reid asked.

“DeSantis has spent so much time on wokeism and attacking Disney, right? He is so obsessed by it, and Trump is so obsessed by his own personal woes. So, they’re in the same lane,” Gillespie responded.

“For DeSantis, his biggest problem I would say similar to Hillary Clinton’s problem, they don’t have mass appeal. And across the board, they’re not going to be able to get the nomination. If Joe Biden had run then, he would have gotten it instead of Hillary Clinton. And I think it’s a similar situation for DeSantis. He is going to be in a position constantly behind Donald Trump.”

Reid added that even if DeSantis were to win the nomination, he would be unelectable because “nobody wants a 6-week abortion ban.”