‘He Abandoned Me’: Chris Christie Explains Why He Stopped Supporting Trump, Attacks Policy Failures


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Chris Christie explained why he stopped supporting former President Donald Trump and attacked what he deemed were his policy failures in a Tuesday interview on Fox News Tonight.

Christie sat down with guest host Piers Morgan to talk the state of the 2024 presidential race and draw distinctions between himself and the former president. Christie slammed Trump’s management of the White House during his sole term as president. (RELATED TO: Chris Christie Visibly Angers ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts After Saying Late-Term Abortion Should Be Banned)

“What member of Donald Trump’s senior staff or senior cabinet members would work for him again?” Christie asked. “Not one of his secretaries of state, not one of the secretaries of defense, neither of his attorneys general, not any of his chiefs of staff, not any of his White House counsel. What does that tell you about what it’s like to work for this man?”

“You wanted to work for him.” Morgan responded.

Christie denied this claim, saying he turned down multiple offers to work for the Trump Administration.

“I got offered secretary of labor, secretary of homeland security, White House chief of staff and I turned them all down,” Christie said.

The former Republican New Jersey Governor also denied he turned on Trump over January 6. Christie says he soured on Trump over his denialism of the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

“That’s when I abandoned him,” Christie said.

Christie also said he supported Trump by helping him prepare for debates, chairing his opioid commission and chairing his presidential transition.

“I did everything I could to support Donald Trump and make him the best president he could be, but he disappointed me and he let me down,” Christie argued.

Christie rattled off a list of Trump’s supposed policy failures including failing to repeal Obamacare and not completing the Mexican border wall.

Morgan then asked Christie why his message doesn’t seem to be resonating with the Republican base according to the polls. Christie emphasized he needs more time but thinks he’s gaining ground in the primary.

“For five weeks I have gone from nowhere to third place in New Hampshire, only four points behind Ron DeSantis in five weeks,” Christie said.

Christie said that Republican voters deserve two things Donald Trump has supposedly been unable to deliver: “truth” and “results.”