MLB All-Star Explains Why Scooby Doo Is His Favorite Superhero


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos gave a highly insightful answer when pushed on why Scooby Doo is his favorite superhero, as seen in a video shared Monday.

KTVZ anchor Noah Chast asked Castellanos to expand upon previous statements regarding Scooby Doo being his favorite superhero. “I didn’t realize Scooby Doo was a superhero,” Chast admitted to the fairly exhausted-looking Castellanos. “Can you kind of explain this superhero lore?”

“I mean, well first off, he’s a dog who can talk,” Castellanos replied, completely deadpan. “And he saves … he solves mysteries. So, I think a dog that can talk and helps people by solving mysteries, I think is a superhero.”

It is basically impossible to deny Castellanos’s logic within his response. Where would the world be without Scooby Doo? I’m sure we’d have a lot more globalist elites running around in silly masks trying to kill us all the time (or is that just Klaus Schwab’s normal face?). (RELATED: Globalist Org Run By Renowned Bond Villain Cosplayer Scrubs FTX From Its Website)

Personally, I think Castellanos‘ logic is so tight that I will be switching the top spot on my superhero roster to Scooby Doo, too. I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted being incredibly disappointed in every single Batman other than Christian Bale, and Batman isn’t even that cool. He also needs so much therapy and to get over his stupid victim complex.

Also, Scooby Doo does all of his incredible superhero-ing while stoned off edibles (ie: Scooby Snacks). What more could you want from a superhero?