Knocked Out Cold! Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Blasts Kid With 115.8 MPH Line Drive En Route To Winning Home Run Derby

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I guarantee this kid loads up on merchandise.

Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. took home the trophy Monday night, winning the 2023 MLB Home Run Derby at T-Mobile Park.

But that’s not the only thing the superstar is making headlines for, knocking out a kid (one of the children who chase after non-home runs) cold after blasting him with a 115.8 MPH line drive.

The hit came during Guerrero’s final at-bat against Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena for the championship.


Ouch … but man, that kid is about to rack up.

I’ve blogged about situations like this before, where somebody (mainly a child) will end up getting hurt and I say that they’ll probably load up on free merchandise because of said getting hurt. I guarantee the same thing happens here.

I saw somebody earlier bring up how MLB should reconsider having a bunch of kids chasing loose line drives, but screw that, it just reminds me of how weak society is becoming. Like, seriously, are we going to take away this too? Something that has been a cool part of the Home Run Derby for as long as I’ve known?

I’m not down with that party, and you would just ruin it for the kids, who you know have the time of their lives. (RELATED: The Lillard-Trail Blazers Hardball Has Ratcheted Up After Portland GM Says They Could Wait ‘Months’ To Trade Damian)

Is it dangerous?

Sure, but so is them riding in your car while you’re driving, so is ordering them McDonald’s, you get my point.

Let the kids live and let them get prepared for adulthood, and if they happen to get rocked with a line drive…

Well, just tell the team what size you wear.