Beach Boys Member Mike Love Takes Shot At Bud Light, Jokes He’s ‘Concerned’ Singing ‘Surfer Girl’


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Beach Boy member Mike Love took a shot at Bud Light and joked that he was “concerned” about singing the song “Surfer Girl” at a May concert because it was “gender specific,” resurfaced video shows.

“This next song, I’m a little concerned about doing on account of it’s gender specific,” Love told the audience, which erupted in applause and laughter, according to a video clip posted on Reddit. (RELATED: Paul McCartney Announces The Beatles Releasing Another Album With Help Of AI Technology)

“I sure hope there’s nobody from Budweiser here,” Love said. “Or the FBI.”

Love said the song was dedicated to “all of the ladies” at the concert before he started to sing.

Conservatives began to boycott Bud Light after the beer company released a custom can with transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney’s face on it last April. Sales of the Anheuser-Busch beverage continue to drop three months after the controversy started. Bud Light is no longer America’s top-selling beer.

The Beach Boys were a popular band in the 1960s that sang about idyllic West Coast California life. Their lyrics focused on topics like cars, girls and surfing. Mike Love co-founded the band with his cousins Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson and their friend Al Jardine.

Wilson and Jardine distanced themselves from The Beach Boys in 2020 when the band performed at a fundraiser for former President Donald Trump. The two were not on tour with the band, led by Love, at the time. Love, who attended Trump’s 2017 inauguration, has known and been supportive of the former president.