MSNBC Writer Hilariously Complains That GOP Candidates, RFK Jr. Have Gone Full Gym Bro Mode In Lead Up To 2024


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC writer Zeeshan Aleem wrote a hysterical op-ed Wednesday in which he seemed to be seriously bothered by how jacked the 2024 GOP candidates and Democratic hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are getting. Literally.

Building off Politico’s absolutely cringe coverage of how fit and healthy many Republican party members appear to be in 2023, Aleem pivoted the conversation to how he feels “the dynamic is better understood as a reflection of the increasingly pronounced emphasis on physicality in American political life.”

Both Politico and Aleem appear to argue that the “best way to understand” why being physically healthy is important for 2024’s Republican candidates for president, and RFK Jr., is because of the ideological strength provided by former President Donald Trump.

Upon reading this in both articles, I laughed but wanted to cry. I can’t believe we’ve devolved so violently into our divisions that being physically fit is now something we criticize because one guy — Trump — was a really tough leader.

I literally said out loud: “Are you freaking serious? We have a sitting president who is mentally and physically weak, and that makes all of us look weak to the rest of the world. We are living through what is arguably one of the uncertain times in our civilization’s history, so the last thing we need is yet another four years of absolute mockery on the world stage because our leader can’t walk up a flight of stairs.” (RELATED: Saudi Comedians Roast Biden And Harris Like ‘SNL’ Never Would)

I wasn’t born in America, and I vividly remember how Brits used to make fun of George W. Bush (we legitimately thought he was developmentally disabled because of how the press portrayed him). It wasn’t great for America, and it certainly didn’t help the rest of the Western world in the eyes of our enemies. And things are only worse now thanks to the mass proliferation of social media around the globe.

So what if the 2024 hopefuls are in full gym-bro mode? I’d rather the rest of the globe think that our future president could beat up their presidents than dribble on them while they stare vacantly into space.