‘There’s Not A Point Of Order’: Jordan, Swalwell Throw Down Over Questions About FISA

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell threw down on the House floor on Wednesday over questions about FISA warrants.

Swalwell began his questioning of FBI Director Christopher Wray by saying Jordan did not comply with a Congressional subpoena to testify at the Jan. 6 hearing. Swalwell then asked Wray to explain the consequences agents face on the job, such as doxxing or even death. After a brief exchange, Swalwell turned his attention toward Jordan.

“Chairman, I’ve counted in this hearing, and we’re only about an hour and a half in, the use of the word ‘laptop’ about 20 times. In fact, in the chairman’s opening statement, he said that he’s upset that he believes the FBI prevented more Americans from learning about a private citizen’s laptop. That is bananas to me. You all are bringing up FISA every single question. You’re essentially saying to the American people that you’re guardians of personal security and privacy, but the 2020 election was determined because the FBI didn’t let more Americans see a private citizen’s nonconsensual nudes? Is that what we’re saying here?” Swalwell said. “That you lost the election not because of your ideas but because a private citizen’s laptop wasn’t out there? That’s bananas! You should be a party of ideas, not a party of nonconsensual nudes to help you win an election.”

“Will you yield for an answer?” Jordan could be heard asking.

“It seems like that is what the objection is here today. We should be talking about the mass shootings that occurred over the last ten days instead, this hearing has turned into absolute chaos,” Swalwell continued.

“The gentleman’s time has expired,” Jordan said before responding to Swalwell’s claims. “We bring up FISA because it’s up for reauthorization, if the gentleman didn’t know, at the end of this year. And it was in our witness’s opening statement. I didn’t bring up the laptop–”

“Whose time are you speaking to, Chairman?” Swalwell pressed. (RELATED: FBI Director Dodges Massie Questions On Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Investigation)

“The judge last week, on July 4th–” Jordan continued before Swalwell again interjected.

“Whose time? Point of order, whose time are you speaking on?”

“I’m speaking on… That’s not a point of order and I recognize the gentleman from Arizona,” Jordan said before handing over the time to Republican Rep. Andy Biggs.

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz was one of several congressmen who asked Wray about illegal FISA warrants, noting that a court found more than 200,000 FISA inquiries were illegal. Wray said he was unsure of the total number.