FBI Director Dodges Massie Questions On Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Investigation

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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FBI Director Christopher Wray dodged questions from Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie on the Jan. 6 pipe bomb investigation during a Congressional hearing Wednesday.

Two pipe bombs were discovered at the RNC and DNC on Jan. 6 during the Capitol riot. Authorities say the bombs were planted the night before, though they were not found until the following day. Authorities have still not determined who was responsible for the bombs.

Massie noted a recent interview with FBI Assistant Director Steven D’Antuono who allegedly said during the interview some of the phone data that could have helped authorities track down who was responsible for the pipe bomb was “corrupted” and “unusable.”

According to Massie, D’Antuono said no one is sure how the second pipe bomb was found at the DNC.

“Do you know how the second pipe bomb – can you tell us how the second pipe bomb was found at the DNC?”

“Again, I’m not getting into that here,” Wray said.

“900 days ago is when this happened. You said you had total confidence we’d apprehend a subject. We’ve found video that looks like somebody, a passerby, miraculously found this pipe bomb at the DNC, and then notified the police. Miraculously, I say because it was in specifically the same, the precise time to cause a maximum distraction from the events going on at the Capitol.”

Video footage shows an individual with a mask on, wearing a hat walk past the DNC before going to one police vehicle and one secret service detail vehicle while holding a backpack with a mask on and talking to police. Within seconds the agents get out of their vehicles and “start scrambling.”

Massie said he doesn’t believe the individuals did all of that “accidentally.”

“He had a purpose in mind, and what transpired after that was a result of information that persecuted him. If that person found the pipe bomb, would they be a suspect?”

“Again, I don’t to speculate about specific individuals. I’ll tell you we’ve done thousands of interviews, reviewed something like 40,000 video files, of which this is one, we’ve assessed 500 something tapes,” Wray said.

“Have you interviewed that person?” Massie pressed.

“We have conducted all logical investigative steps, and interviewed all logical individuals at this point.”

“Then you need to tell us what you found” Massie said. “Because we’re finding stuff that you haven’t released to the public.”