Comedian Adam Friedland Interviewed Chris Cuomo, And We Honestly Had No Idea The Former CNN Anchor Was This Funny


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A series of clips shared by “The Adam Friedland Show” in late June have continued to go viral online for weeks, probably because they reveal that NewsNation host Chris Cuomo is actually really funny.

What do you think about Dua Lipa? Well, it turns out that Chris Cuomo is a huge fan. He “loves what she does” from an empowerment perspective, according to a clip shared by “The Adam Friedland Show.” But no one loves Dua Lipa more than Adam Friedland, who would literally let the British singer “sh*t in his mouth.”

While most of us would assume that such a statement would disgust Cuomo as we all laugh, it turns out that he actually has a great sense of humor. “Where does that come from?” Cuomo responded to Friedland’s statement, to which the crew couldn’t contain themselves any longer.

And that wasn’t even the funniest clip from the interview, in my opinion. In another, Friedland asked whether the mafia had tried to kill Cuomo’s dad. Cuomo responded, “No.”

“Why are you filibustering?” Friedland replied in faux anger. “‘No,’ is filibustering?” Cuomo asked. “Do you know what that word means?” Friedland said that he did, so Cuomo asked for the definition.

“Yeah, you read the phonebook in Congress so that black people can’t vote or something, I don’t know, ” Friedland quipped. “Some sh*t like that.”


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Clearly Cuomo is totally down with Friedland’s dry sense of humor, which somehow made him equal parts relatable and likeable at the same time. I actually felt bad for how many times I’ve mocked the former CNN anchor in previous articles and appearances.

Then again, the clips showed me he could handle it, so maybe I’ll just do it more. They also showed me that he is more than jacked enough to become a firefighter, as he once almost did.

Adam Friedland was not immediately available for comment on the incredible new series he’s put together with fellow comic Nick Mullen (who is absurdly funny, if you’ve not seen his stuff). (RELATED: Ohhhh, Now We Understand Why They Wanted Andrew Schulz To Edit His Comedy Special)

I highly recommend checking out Friedland’s clips on social media, as well as his old podcast, “C*mtown,” even though his co-host was a total dweeb after I wrote a really nice article about him.

You can watch the full interview here, and I highly recommend it: