Jonathan Turley Takes FBI Director To Task, Urges GOP To Get More ‘Aggressive’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley took FBI Director Christopher Wray to task on Thursday, arguing Wray evaded questions during his Wednesday hearing.

Turley joined Fox & Friends to discuss the Wednesday hearings, saying Wray’s testimony was a “false appearance of contrition and substance from the director.”

“He only apologized for things or violations that have already been found by courts and Congress, by the way, against the best efforts of the FBI. So for things that are already established, he went ahead and said ‘Well, we will never do that again.’ But in terms of the violations that we have already laid out in terms of censorship, FISA violations, with the secret court, those were already laid out in the public record. He just refused to comment. Sometimes he said that he didn’t have any recollection. And it was a maddening experience,” Turley said. “I mean, the thing is Congress has to make a decision here. You know, they just went through an entire hearing where they were given nothing. He was far more detailed when Eric Swalwell asked him about the FBI family day.”

“With that, he just held forth at length. But when he was asked about censorship, he gives answers that seem rather obviously false. He said that the FBI focused on foreign disinformation. That’s just not true. I mean, we have the emails. At some point, you are treating the public like chumps.” (RELATED: ‘Pretty Frightening Stuff’: Jim Jordan Reacts To Revelations From Wray Hearing)


Host Brian Kilmeade noted Wray dodged Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s questions on how the FBI handled Hunter Biden’s laptop before Turley took aim at Wray’s consistent claims that he was unfamiliar with certain allegations brought up.

“He could have answered some of these questions. He just chose not to. So the question is, what is Congress going to do about it? They have a very serious censorship scandal. You have a 155-page opinion from this court. You have the Twitter Files that you just mentioned. There’s ample evidence to show that what the director said yesterday does not comport with the truth. So the question is what is Congress going to do about it?” Turley said, adding the GOP needs to be “aggressive” in scrutinizing Wray.

Wray admitted the FBI colludes with businesses to collect information on innocent Americans without a warrant and that social media companies were working to censor Americans until a federal judge issued an injunction.