SEIFERT: The Upside-Down World Of Corporate America

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Michael Seifert Contributor
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How can you tell corporate America has lost all common-sense? The most notable baby brands are all supporting abortion.

These days, it feels as if everything is upside down in Corporate America.

Just in the last three months, we’ve witnessed astonishing actions from some of America’s most well-known brands. For example, Target is supposed to be a brand for conservative moms and yet they’ve aggressively pushed conversations about sexuality and gender on minors. Bud Light is supposed to be a beverage for young men, and yet they chose to utilize a man unironically dressed as a woman for a brand campaign. Disney is supposed to be creating family-friendly, wholesome content, and yet regularly endorses controversial positions on issues such as LGBTQ and abortion with their newer films.

None of these corporate activism campaigns are quite as shocking and hard-to-understand though as notable baby brands like Pampers, Hello Bello, and Honest Co. financially and/or publicly supporting abortion. That’s right, America’s leading baby brands use their customers’ dollars to promote and facilitate abortion.  How does that make any sense you might ask? Great question.

Imagine that a young entrepreneur was attempting to start a shoe company for men, and his greatest marketing idea was to advocate for the amputation of mens’ feet. You might think that he is not only an ineffective business owner, but you’d question his sanity. Again, upside-down.

Corporate ESG mandates have become so mind-bogglingly backwards that companies are making decisions to appease the progressive community that have devastating effects on their businesses, and nothing is more extreme than subsidizing the aborting of your customer base.

At PublicSq.com, we’re the largest network of businesses in the nation that have taken a stance for the values that have made our republic so strong; values for life and liberty for all people, born and preborn. We, and the 55,000+ businesses in our network, believe that strong families make a strong nation, so naturally it’s disheartening to witness brands like Huggies that should promote families, stand so adamantly against them.

We’ve learned that American parents need a baby brand that is unapologetically pro-family, and because at PublicSq. we like to put our money where our mouth is, we’re creating one.

We’ve created EveryLife, a premium baby brand that believes that no matter where someone is from, the color of their skin, their socioeconomic background, or the circumstances of their conception, every life is a miracle worth celebrating and protecting.

EveryLife is a company that values life and that means protecting it. We have intentionally eliminated the use of chemicals that are harmful to a baby’s brain and body and are completely transparent about what ingredients we use and where they come from. Our stance on protecting life — and preserving innocence — extends far beyond the ingredients we use. It drives us to unapologetically, and only, support causes that champion parenthood and protect innocent life. 

That separates EveryLife from the rest of the industry. 

The support for abortion from major baby brands is extensive. 

Huggies manufacturer Kimberly Clark announced two decades ago that it will match employee contributions to Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, Pampers manufacturer Proctor and Gamble pays for employees’ travel for abortions.

Honest Co. publicly lamented the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Hello Bello pays for abortion costs for their employees, and Coterie said their team “feels lost” without abortion.

That’s the baby product industry for you. People deserve the option to spend money with businesses that share their values. 

At EveryLife, we believe every life is a gift from above that deserves to be loved, supported, and cherished. That is why we will donate to LiveAction, a pro-life organization that reaches millions of individuals every month with life-affirming content.  We want all expectant moms to have the help they need to make the brave and bold decision to choose life — especially in the most difficult situations. And when those mothers need a little more help, we’ll donate products and necessities.

You can learn more and join us in supporting families with your purchasing power at everylife.com.

Michael Seifert is the CEO and Founder of PublicSq, an alternative marketplace designed to help patriotic consumers and freedom-loving Americans shop according to their values while building a parallel economy.

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