Lottery Player Wins $50,000 … For The 5th Time This Year

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A lottery player won $50,000 for the 5th time this year in Maryland after he purchased the ticket in May.

The Silver Spring man claimed his exorbitant prize after he played a ticket sold at his favorite convenience store in Maryland, according to Daily Voice Montgomery.

The unidentified winner played a $1 “Pick 5” ticket sold to him by a Prince George County convenience store. This is the fifth time the 43-year-old won the lottery within the past three months. (RELATED: Man Claims Mega Millions Prize After Alleged Theft Of Winning Ticket)

He claimed a combined $200,000 “Pick 5” prize that included four winning $50,000 tickets in May. He arrived at the Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to acquire his earnings.

All of the man’s winning tickets were purchased from the Hyattsville Convenience Store on University Boulevard East. The winning numbers 9-8-5-5-7 were drawn on July 10, matching his ticket, according to UPI.

The lucky, rich man does not have specific plans regarding how he will spend his fifth amount of prize money, but he did say that he intends to invest more into playing the lottery again.

This is not the first time double luck has struck American lottery players. A mother and son from North Carolina both won the lottery one week apart from each other. The son won a $518,774 jackpot, then his mother won $369,627 the following week.