Mystery Creature Reportedly Washes Up On Beach

[Screenshot/Facebook/Bobbi-lee Oates]

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A mysterious creature, resembling a mermaid or an alien, reportedly washed up on an Australian beach July 5, according to News 18.

Images of the unidentified creature were posted on the Marine Biology Facebook group. Users commented on what they thought the skeleton in the pictures was with most saying it was a mermaid, News 18 reported.

“It was exactly like a mermaid shape,” wrote Bobbi-lee Oates, the user who posted the pictures on Facebook. “We were driving along the beach looking for a campsite, and we couldn’t help but notice how much the skull looked like the shape of a human’s. So we instantly stopped from the confusion as to what the hell this could be, and why does it look like a human skull.”

The creature reportedly found on the Keppel Sands, Queensland beach had a human-like skull and splayed out ribs. Oates estimated that the creature was approximately six-feet long. (RELATED: Disney Doubles Down On Little Mermaid Depiction With New Cartoon After Mixed Movie Reviews)

“It had a human-shaped skull with an elongated jawline, and hair similar to the color of a cow or kangaroo, but with hair missing in many places due to decomposition,” Oates said. “It was extremely like a mermaid shape, but hairy, because it seemed to have a tail or a limb of some sort.”

Oates claimed she thought she discovered a “miracle new species,” turning to Facebook to see what other people made of mystery mammal, reported the New York Post.

“We came across this on longbeach keppel sands qld, wondering if anyone has any idea what it is or who I could possibly get to find out exactly what it is,” Oates wrote in her Facebook post.

“Definitely looks like a small cetacean to me. I’m not familiar with the area nor which species are normally found there, so I can’t really take it any further than that,” Rob Deaville, a project manager for the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme at the Zoological Society of London, said after seeing the photos, the outlet reported.

Oates has yet to receive a definite answer regarding what species the skeleton is.