Will Cain Says Transgender Athlete Phenomenon Is ‘Insanity’

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Fox News host and sports pundit Will Cain stopped by ‘Fox News Tonight’ Friday to discuss the invasion of women’s sports by transgender athletes.

Guest host Piers Morgan told Cain that he believed transgender participation in women’s sports threatens the integrity of the event.

“It’s the new doping,” Morgan said

Morgan pointed out that performance enhancing drugs were once prevalent among many sports, and that he viewed transgender participation in women’s sports to be equally unfair. (RELATED: Transgender Cyclist Austin Killips Demolishes Women’s Competition En Route To First Place Finish)

“This is the same thing,” Morgan said, “It is cheating.”

Cain argued that allowing transgender athletes in women’s sports is not just tantamount to cheating, but that it puts women in physical danger.

“I’d say it’s more. It wasn’t just cheating. It’s dangerous, and it’s insane.”

Cain went on to praise sports governing bodies, such as the Union Cycliste Internationale, who have moved to bar transgender athletes from competition. However, Cain cautioned that banning only trans athletes that transitioned prior to puberty is a “half-measure.” He also pointed out that allowing transgender athletes to compete against women in contact sports such as fighting or basketball is dangerous.

“[F]irst of all you compromise the safety of women in any sport, obvious in a combat sport, but any contact sport,” Cain said.

Cain said that although the physical safety of women is an issue, there are deeper dangers with transgenderism.

“This is a sickness, an insanity that has overtaken humanity. The only way that you and I communicate, that any human beings communicate is by a shared reality,” Cain said.

Morgan then expressed astonishment that soccer star Megan Rapinoe supports trans inclusion in women’s sports, and said this contradicts her supposed support for women’s rights.

Cain then slammed Rapinoe as having a “cluttered mind” that could not comprehend supporting transgender inclusion in women’s sports undercuts women’s opportunities.

“Megan Rapinoe simply is not an intelligent person when it comes to understanding the words that are coming out of her mouth or the issues she’s fighting for. Equal pay obviously doesn’t mean something, opportunity for women obviously doesn’t mean something if you create a backdoor for men to come take those exact spots,” Cain said.

Morgan then claimed that trans-supporting public figures are afraid of the “twitter mob” who will condemn them if they speak out against it. He argued that they are fearful of becoming the next J.K. Rowling.

Cain lamented that transgender inclusion in women’s spaces would create a reality in which, “women get raped in prisons and girls lose their spots on sports teams, scholarships will evaporate, and we can no longer identify the victims of a serial killer.”