Former Clinton Adviser Warns Biden Might Not Have The Votes To Win In 2024

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former Clinton adviser and Democratic strategist Doug Schoen said Monday on Fox News that President Joe Biden may not have enough votes to win the 2024 race.

The panel were discussing Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ chances at winning the 2024 nomination, with host Harris Faulkner wondering whether DeSantis would struggle, like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did, to connect with voters.

“Hillary outraised Donald Trump in that election but her failing to connect proved to be a fatal flaw,” Schoen said, arguing DeSantis may have trouble keeping up with fundraising due to Trump’s popularity.

“President Biden’s campaign is touting high fundraising totals,” Faulkner noted. “The Biden victory fund collected $10 million from small donors during a three-month period that ended in June. That figure is less than half of the $21 million President Barack Obama’s campaign raised during the same period of his 2012 re-election efforts,” Harris said.

“My quick thoughts are that Joe Biden with an approval rating at 40 percent, 32 percent on the economy does not inspire much enthusiasm among small donors,” Schoen responded. “Hence him flying all over the country both on his own and with the vice president to raise big dollars both for his campaign and for his various Super PACs. Biden will get the money but it isn’t clear to me that he has the enthusiasm or can get the votes.” (RELATED: White House Responds To Poll That Says Majority Of Americans Think Joe Biden Did ‘Illegal Influence Peddling’)

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt jumped in, arguing that Trump “is uniquely gifted at connecting directly with voters without needing the very expensive machines that most politicians use, and that’s working to his advantage.”

The panel then discussed the possibility of West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin running on a third-party ticket, with Hurt saying that “from a tactical standpoint … it will help whoever winds up being the Republican nominee.”