Armed Masked Man Robs Relative, Pistol-Whips His Cousin’s Boyfriend, Leaves With 10K In Jewelry: Report

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Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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Police reportedly brought a man into custody July 16 after he allegedly stole $10,000 worth of jewelry from his cousin’s apartment and pistol-whipped her boyfriend.

A man and his girlfriend arrived at the Clearbrook Apartments parking lot in Memphis, Tennesse, April 16, where he discovered that burglars had broken into his apartment, local outlet WREG reported Monday, citing police records. Two armed masked men allegedly confronted the couple and demanded money from the man.

One of the alleged burglars reportedly gun-whipped the victim, then ransacked his pockets and nicked $2,000 worth of cash and other items, according to the outlet.

The alleged male victim later checked the apartment’s security cameras and reportedly saw that one of the alleged thieves had his mask down for a brief moment. The man identified the alleged thief as his girlfriend’s cousin, Johnny Beard, according to WREG. The footage allegedly shows the two masked men had been in the couple’s apartment for a few minutes before leaving upon their return. (RELATED: Concealed Carrier Shoots Michigan Robbery Suspect Who Demanded All His Stuff, Police Say)

The alleged burglars who knocked the man’s tooth loose were identified as the same ones in the security tape. The alleged victim reported that they stole $10,000 worth of jewelry, according to WREG.

Beard is reportedly charged with aggravated robbery, burglary and theft of property $10,000-$60,000. He is scheduled to appear in court Monday morning.