The World’s Temperature Records Just Went Freaking Insane

(Photo by Ronda Churchill / AFP) (Photo by RONDA CHURCHILL/AFP via Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A series of temperature records were hit in mid-July, suggesting that we’re experiencing a seriously hot summer in the northern hemisphere.

The Persian Gulf International Airport apparently recorded a temperature of 152°F at 12:30pm local time on July 16, according to amateur meteorologist Colin McCarthy. Even at lower temperatures of 104°F, when mixed with the extremely high dew point (humidity) reported in the same region, McCarthy described the forecast as “unfathomable conditions.”

Similar extremes were recorded in Sanbao, China, where temperatures reached 126°F, beating the previous highs by 1.7°F, McCarthy noted in another post. And it appears that these highs are also plaguing North America and Europe, as the world deals with a series of “historic heatwaves.”

California is currently experiencing an extreme heatwave, with the National Weather Service urging residents to stay safe by drinking plenty of water and reducing their time under the sun.

Across parts of Italy, temperatures could reach almost 118°F, with Rome expected to hit 109°F on Tuesday, also beating out previous records. High temperatures were also reported across the British Isles in the latter half of summer 2022, causing pandemonium for the typically-temperate archipelago. (RELATED: Officials Warn Wildfire Smoke May Last Through September In US)

So either things are heating up, or we’re finally gathering global data on temperature records. As the rest of the year and decade progress, more data will be required to ascertain what is going on.