Woman Set Gas Pumps On Fire At Crowded Station, Police Say


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A 24-year-old woman is in custody after police say she set fire to pumps at a crowded gas station in Florida, WSVN News reported.

Daylet Uribazo Hernandez was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted felony murder and first-degree arson after police claim she intentionally set fire to two gas pumps at two separate gas stations in Florida City, WSVN News reported.

Miami-Dade police and fire officials were alerted to the fiery incidents when they were notified Uribazo Hernandez was in custody by Florida Police after allegedly attempting to set fire to a gas pump at the Sunoco station, Local 10 reported. (RELATED: Man Sets Gas Station On Fire With Blowtorch)

Upon arriving at the scene, officials discovered that in addition to the Sunoco station, Uribazo Hernandez had allegedly set fire to a gas pump at the Orion Krome Xpress gas station in Florida City earlier in the day, the outlet reported. The crowded gas station had allegedly been targeted by Uribazo Hernandez before, WSVN reported.

When officers caught up with Uribazo Hernandez later, she was at the 7-Eleven Sunoco station, where she allegedly set fire to rags at the base of pump number six as patrons were fueling their cars at neighboring gas pumps, WSVN reported. The fire prompted an employee to shut down the fuel pumps before extinguishing the flames with an extinguisher.

Florida City police then detained the suspect, verifying her identity with her Florida Driver’s license. Though law enforcement officials attempted to read her her Miranda rights, Uribazo Hernandez apparently fell asleep before they could be administered, WSVN reported.

The suspect has a previous arrest for arson by the Miami-Dade Police Department Arson Squad and is facing an ongoing court case for similar offenses, the outlet stated.