Climate Protester Blocking Busy Road In UK Gets Instant Karma From Passerby’s Fist


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video shared to Twitter on Wednesday showed the moment a climate protester seemingly got what was coming for him after blocking a busy road.

At least eight so-called climate protesters from the Just Stop Oil group lined what appears to be a busy street somewhere in Britain (judging by the double-decker bus in the background), as seen in the video shared on Twitter. Instead of working diligently to reshape the industries they hate from the inside, these glorified children thought that blocking a busy road was a better way of reaching their goal of stopping the use of oil on a global level — until one driver took matters into his own hands.

As countless people beep to usher the protesters out of the way, a tough-as-nails woman gets out of a car to scream at the protesters. Her gentleman passenger quickly follows her, clearly enraged by the pointlessness of Just Stop Oil’s antics.

“Daniel was assaulted while marching this morning, and remains nonviolent throughout,” Just Stop Oil spun the narrative in the caption on the video.

I have a feeling that saying this Daniel bloke “remained nonviolent” is, on its face, accurate. But in reality, could Daniel have protected himself? My gut says no. Daniel went “arse over t*t” as we say in Britain, and doesn’t look like he could fight an inanimate object.

The driver definitely went a little too far in his violence, kicking Daniel while he was on the floor in the fetal position. “F**king little sh*t,” the gentleman screamed as he walked away. (RELATED: Who’s The Alpha Blonde Dragging This Climate Protester By Her Hair?)

Throughout the ordeal, none of Daniel’s comradres stepped in to save him. In my experience, if your peers and friends won’t help you, you probably need to completely reassess your life.

More than that, could Daniel have studied physics and engineering in university and worked to create alternate energy sources to oil? Absolutely, but that would require actual work, something to which the progressive climate movement is seemingly allergic. So, instead of fixing anything (or even understanding the problems in the first place) they make everyone else’s lives miserable, then go home to the apartments their mummy and daddy pay for because they didn’t bother to raise their children with an ounce of self-respect, courtesy, or values in honest work.