Zhang Shuai Leaves Hungarian Grand Prix In Tears After Despicable Amarissa Toth Erases Ball Mark In Cheap Move

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What a joke.

China’s Zhang Shuai and Hungary’s Amarissa Toth squared off Tuesday in the Hungarian Grand Prix, with the former leaving the round of 32 match in tears after Toth erased Zhang’s ball mark in a cheap move. Zhang wanted the mark on the clay court to remain after a disputed line call.

Zhang, who came into the match as a second seed, hit a crosscourt forehand that seemingly landed on the line, but the line judge ended up calling it out. Then, the chair umpire got involved, stepping down to view the mark — and they had also confirmed the ball was out.

Livid at the call, Zhang asked to speak with the supervisor of the tournament.

The match went on, continuing for one more point before the disputed call got brought back up, which led to Toth walking up to the ball mark and erasing it with her shoes.

“Wait, wait, wait! Keep the mark,” Zhang yelled. “What are you doing? Why would you do that?”

Zhang was clearly distressed after the fact and decided to retire from the match while losing 6-5 in the opening set.

Later, Zhang took to Instagram where she complained about the call and also shouted out everybody supporting her.


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I don’t blame Zhang for being so mad — though she shouldn’t have quit, that was a bit weak — but a cheap win by Toth nonetheless. (RELATED: Dan Patrick Announces He Will Be Retiring In 2027)