Dan Patrick Announces He Will Be Retiring In 2027

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Say it ain’t so, Dan! Say it ain’t so!

Legendary sports broadcaster and radio host Dan Patrick made the announcement Wednesday on his “The Dan Patrick Show” he plans to retire in four years. Patrick informed listeners he plans on doing his radio broadcast through December 2027. After that, the icon will be calling it a career.

Working at ESPN for 18 years and being a radio host for over 20, Patrick announced his plans during a segment of his show while talking about what would happen if people who work with him on the broadcast won the lottery. At one point during the crew’s conversation, Patrick was questioned about how long he plans on doing his show before retiring, and that’s when he dropped the bombshell — four more years.

“Here is the breaking news: Four more years in December, that’s how long I’m going to do this for,” Patrick said, later giving confirmation he does truly intend on retiring by late 2027.


Okay, yeah, I get it. He still has four more years. But you know these next four years are going to fly by.

Even though it’s a pre-retirement announcement, it’s still sad. I grew up watching Dan Patrick on ESPN and SportsCenter, the countless sports events he’s covered, and not to mention the movies he’s been featured in. Dan Patrick is a legend, and definitely had some influence on me as I got interested in sports journalism before ultimately making it a career. (RELATED: Georgia Fan Completely Embarrasses Himself In Cringe Fashion After Not Knowing Who The Legendary Aaron Murray Is)

I’m going to cherish these next four years. Thank you, Dan, for everything. Feel free to change your mind.