Left-Wing Environmentalist Group ‘Takes Over’ Ritzy Hamptons Golf Course, Fight With Employee Nearly Erupts

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Abby Long Contributor
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An environmentalist group stormed a ritzy golf course in Southampton, New York, where they nearly started a fight with an employee, video shows.

The group Planet Over Profit marched onto the course at the Sebonack Golf Club on July 17 to chastise club members for their alleged contribution to climate change. The activists wore sea creature costumes, banged drums and carried pitchforks while chanting, “Tax the mother-fucking rich,” videos on Twitter show.

The protesters also taunted the golfers for their swings, saying they were not up to par. Several of the Planet Over Profit members climbed the stairs to one of the club’s buildings where they were stopped by an employee who directed them back to the ground. The protesters threatened the employee, to which he replied “bring it!” (RELATED: Climate Activists Trigger Dozens Of Flight Cancellations After Gluing Themselves To Airport Runways)

Protestors ran onto Sebonack in the Hamptons and yelled a bunch of things. Surreal scenes.

Planet Over Profit’s goal is to dismantle the fossil fuel industry and the billionaire class, according to the group’s mission statement. “Black and brown communities are being poisoned and displaced by fossil fuel corporations” and “the 1% [is] torching the planet,” according to the site.

“We just STORMED THE SEBONACK GOLF COURSE IN THE HAMPTONS!!! To play stupid golf here, you have to pay over a HALF MILLION DOLLAR membership fee,” Planet Over Profit tweeted Monday. “We shouted down billionaires & marched right onto their appalling ‘putting’ ‘greens.’ We won’t be deterred.”

It is rumored the club’s initiation fee surpasses $1 million, according to GolfDigest. Sebonack Golf Club’s Wikipedia page says membership started at $500,000 when the club first opened in 2006. (RELATED: Disrupted Climate Activists Arrested In House Office Building)

Sebonack Golf Club did not respond immediately to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.