Daily Caller Reporter Blocked By Bud Light After Video Release


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Bud Light blocked Daily Caller reporter Joel Gibbons from Twitter after he posted a short interview clip which polled a sample of people, asking if they’d drink their beer.

A ‘Man vs Street’ host, Gibbons walks the streets to obtain the perspective of the American public and reports on his findings. When asked if they would drink Bud Light, the overwhelming majority of those polled pushed back against the beer, responding they refused to purchase or consume it.

After demonstrating that fact, in a shameless example of censorship, Bud Light abruptly blocked Gibbons from their Twitter.

“No, no, no!”

“Oh heck no!”

“I’m not dating someone that drinks Bud Light, that’s for sure,” were some of the responses Gibbons received when asking people if they’d drink the beer.

Other reactions from his video included, “I’d rather be punched in the face!” and “I wouldn’t put it in my body, I wouldn’t put it in my truck, and I wouldn’t even give it to my dogs — it’s less than water.”

Someone else said, “It’s watered-down cat piss!”

“It tastes like pee — it just tastes like utter crap!” said one woman.

Their opinions clearly weren’t embraced by the brand.

“I was blocked by Bud Light on Twitter after I reply posted a thread with a short clip from one of our videos,” Gibbons said to the Daily Caller. (RELATED: This Is Hilarious! PETA Reaches Out To Kid Rock To Help Them Take Out Budweiser)

Bud Light faced backlash after featuring Mulvaney, a transgender woman in a promotion during March Madness. Conservatives and anti-trans individuals pushed back against the brand, alongside big names such as Kid Rock, who helped instigate a boycott.