Ana Navarro Gets So Unhinged That Producers Have To Cut Her Audio

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Producers of “The View” had to suddenly silence part of the show’s audio to censor co-host Ana Navarro’s cursing Monday.

The co-hosts raged against Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over misleading allegations that Florida’s Social Studies curriculum is glossing over the horrors of slavery. Vice President Kamala Harris told a crowd Friday that Florida is teaching students about how “enslaved people benefited from slavery” and “victims of violence of massacres were also perpetrators.”

Navarro’s words grew so foul that the sound had to be abruptly cut.

“I live in Florida. I have been spitting mad about the culture wars that Ron DeSantis has been creating. So when he says he has nothing to do with it, that’s bullshit,” Navarro said.

The producers cut out the audio as she used the word “bullshit” twice. When the audio returned, she continued to rage about the governor, in which she claimed “blackies and minions” put together the curriculum. She further lectured her viewers about how slavery was “the darkest moment of American history.”

“How dare you. Shame on you people in Florida. How dare you try to whitewash slavery?” Navarro continued. “To the Commissioner of Education in Florida, Manny Diaz, a Cuban American. That is like saying that there’s a redeeming quality to Cuban political prisoners under [Fidel] Castro. When you don’t have freedom, you don’t have anything. And for this man, Ron DeSantis, whose apparently his only skill he has acquired is lying and creating culture wars that he thinks are going to win the president. It’s not, buddy, that’s why you’re 33% down.”

Dr. William B. Allen, a member of Florida’s African American History Standards Workgroup, told ABC News that Harris’ accusations about the curriculum are “categorically false.” (RELATED: NYT Columnist John McWhorter Says DeSantis ‘Did The Right Thing’ By Prohibiting AP African American History Course)

“As I stated in my response to the Vice President, it was categorically false. It was never said that slavery was beneficial to Africans. What was said, and anyone who reads this will see this with clarity. It is the case that Africans proved resourceful, resilient, and adaptive and were able to develop skills and aptitudes which served to their benefit, both while enslaved and after enslavement.”

The curriculum includes a portion to teach students about the “various duties and trades” performed by slaves, which partly examines how “slaves developed skills” that could be used for their “personal benefit” in certain instances, according to the curriculum’s outline. Under this curriculum, students will also study the “African Americans who demonstrated heroism and patriotism” and those who made “positive contributions to the state of Florida.” It further examines the “conditions of slavery.”