Reggae Star Sizzla Kalonji Slams US For Pushing LGBT Ideology In Jamaica

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A reggae star has slammed the United States for pushing LGBTQ ideology in Jamaica, objecting to the flying of the pride flag above the embassy among other things.

Reggae star Sizzla Kalonji spoke out against LGBTQ ideology in Jamaica during a performance at Half Way Tree earlier in July, Dance Hall Mag reported. Kalonji specifically took aim at LGBTQ materials within Jamaican schools, arguing that instead of highlighting LGBTQ activists in curriculum, national heroes such as Marcus Garvey should be given the spotlight.

“B-ttyman nuh do one ting fi Jamaica, suh dem nuh have no rights bout yah. Look at Marcus Garvey and Nanny.  And dem still don’t waa put Marcus Garvey and Nanny in schools, but oonu waa put b-tty man in schools.  It caa work!” Kalonji said, according to Dance Hall Mag.

Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican-born black nationalist who led the Pan-Africanist movement,  which sought to unify and connect people of African descent across the globe.

Kalonji further criticized the US Embassy for flying the Pride flag over its embassy in the country. “B-ttyman f-ck off!  And lef Jamaica!  An keep yuh visa tuh!  An mi si oonu a promote b-ttyman flag up an American embassy.  Mi nuh too waan guh up deh.  Suh if mi nuh get no visa fi guh an America a nu no problem,” he stated, according to Dance Hall Mag. (RELATED: State Dept. Diversity Officer Defends Flying Pride Flag At Vatican Embassy)

Kalonji also addressed the issue of transgenderism, arguing that boys should not be doing into girls’ bathrooms,

Kalonji’s comments come as diplomatic ties between the United States and Jamaica have reportedly been strained over Jamaica’s refusal to accredit the spouse of a gay American diplomat, since same-sex marriage is not recognized within the country, according to Caribbean National Weekly.