‘Went Ahead Guns Blazing’: DeSantis Slams ‘Weaponization’ Of Agencies, Says Kamala Is Biden’s ‘Impeachment Insurance’


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Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis shredded the purported “weaponization” of government agencies and poked fun at Vice President Kamala Harris during a Wednesday interview with OutKick.

DeSantis told Outkick founder Clay Travis that the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives pursued impeachment against former President Donald Trump without sufficient cause. He implied that the current House of Representatives has stronger reasoning to impeach Biden, citing allegations involving his son, Hunter Biden. (RELATED: DeSantis Eviscerates Kamala Harris’ ‘Fake Narrative’ About Florida’s Education Curriculum)

“There’s way more basis to do Biden than they had to do Trump. I mean, the Trump was very flimsy. They went ahead guns blazing,” DeSantis said. “Biden, you’re talking about really significant corruption, I’d say, with him and his family.”

“And it also raises the issue, apart from that. Because, I do think one of the issues is that people see Kamala waiting in the wings.”

DeSantis said that he’s unsure whether the Senate would ultimately vote to convict Biden and remove him from office. However, he questioned Harris’ competence and said her presence would give them pause.

“That helps Biden, because she’s good impeachment insurance for him,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis then bemoaned the purported “weaponization” of government agencies.

“But what this shows with the whistleblower is, this weaponization of these agencies. You know, on the one hand it’s like, okay, there’s parents going to a school board meeting in Virginia — ‘let’s stick the FBI on them’ — that’s clearly an abuse, weaponization. But the flip side of that is when you’re connected to the ruling class, the D.C. ruling class, you know, you get away scot-free with stuff.”

The governor said that agencies are selectively deployed against certain people for politicized reasons. He argued that some people don’t face any consequences for egregious actions while others may face investigations and severe consequences for less serious conduct.

“So many things should’ve launched a really serious inquiry,” DeSantis said. “You’re gonna go guns blazing on some of these offenses against people you don’t like, like a massive investigation. And this? Did you even send a subpoena out? Did you ever even go to a grand jury?”

“If you’re on the team, you get out of jail free,” DeSantis later added.