Biden Says Republicans May Impeach Him Over Inflation ‘Coming Down’

Public/Screenshot/YouTube: User — The White House

Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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President Joe Biden on Friday said Republicans may choose to impeach him over inflation “coming down,” days after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called for an impeachment inquiry into the president.

“We’re growing faster,” Biden said during his remarks on “Bidenomics” in Auburn, Maine. “We’re economically more advanced than every other major country in the world. [Inflation is] down from nine percent to three percent, and it’s going to continue to go down.”

“While there’s more work ahead, earlier this week the Washington Post suggested, Republicans may have to find something else to criticize me for, now that inflation is coming down,” Biden continued. “Maybe they’ll decide to impeach me because it’s coming down. I don’t know. I’d love that one. Well anyway, that’s another story.”

McCarthy said Tuesday that an impeachment inquiry is necessary to investigate all the relevant facts surrounding Biden’s relationship with his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. McCarthy made the call following allegations from IRS whistleblowers and an FBI FD-1023 form about Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s business affairs.

“So now you have the president saying one thing that we’ve proven is not true, you’ve got IRS whistleblowers saying something when it comes to government treating the Bidens different. You’ve got an informant claiming that the Biden family had been bribed, should you ignore that or you should investigate that? The only way you can investigate that is through an impeachment inquiry so the committee would have the power to get all the documents that they would need,” McCarthy said.

The White House has maintained Biden was never “in business” with his son amid the growing number of allegations.

On July 20, Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley released the FD-1023 document the House Oversight Committee has been citing, with allegations pointing to Joe Biden being involved in a bribery scheme with Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky.

In the document, a confidential human source (CHS) alleged Burisma CEO Zlochevsky felt he was “forced” to pay Joe and Hunter Biden. (RELATED: IRS Revelations: Hunter Said Joe Was In The Room In Message Threatening Chinese Partner)

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley also testified before the House Ways and Means Committee that Hunter Biden sent a text message claiming he was sitting next to his father in an effort to threaten a Chinese business associate.