Video Shows Scary Scene As Baseball Player Gets Drilled In Head By Wild Pitch

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Peter Khawand Contributor
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Los Angeles Angels outfielder Taylor Ward was carted out of a game against the Toronto Blue Jays Saturday after being drilled in the head with a fastball, video of the incident shows.

The wild pitch was thrown by young Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Alek Manoah in the fifth inning of the game, as seen in video of the game. Ward had a 2-0 count when the 92mph pitch got away from Manoah, striking Ward directly in the head.

Ward immediately fell to the ground grabbing his face which already had blood streaming from the top of his nose. Manoah, seemingly shaken by the incident, threw his hands to his head and began pacing around the mound while the crowd fell silent. Ward was quickly attended to by Angels trainers, players and the interim manager.

Ward was carted out of the game to thunderous applause, his left eye seemingly swelled completely shut, as seen in a separate video. (RELATED: Ian Happ Hits Wilson Contreras In Head With Backswing. Miles Mikolas Then Gets Ejected For Revenge)

This was the second time in the game that Manoah hit a batter with a pitch after hitting Angels Shohei Ohtani in the first inning, according to ESPN.

Fortunately, it looks the pitch caught the ear-portion of Ward’s helmet possibly absorbing a large part of the force that would have otherwise been inflicted on Ward.

It is unclear precisely what kind of injury Ward faces, or how long he may be out, but this frightening scene may threaten Angels playoff hopes as they attempt to make a late-season push.