Eric Trump Slams Democrats For ‘Lie After Lie’ Aimed At Taking Donald Trump ‘Out Of The Race’


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Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, slammed the newest indictment against his father, former President Donald Trump, during his Wednesday appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Eric Trump said that the indictments are the latest in a string of attempts to eliminate his father as a political obstacle. He drew parallels to previous impeachment attempts his father faced during his sole presidential term. (RELATED: ‘It’s Not Close’: ABC Panelist Says Trump More Popular With Republicans Than Biden Is With Democrats)

We’ve dealt with this nonsense from the very beginning. We dealt with it with all the impeachments, we dealt with it with the slanderous Russia lies, the fact that we were colluding with the Kremlin, that we had secret servers in the basement of Trump Tower. It’s been lie after lie after lie about my father. Anything they can do to weaken him, to take him down,” Eric Trump said.

“This isn’t new to us, they’re desperate. My father created the greatest political movement in the history of this nation — the love for the man is unbelievable,” Eric Trump added, touting the former president’s current poll numbers.

Eric Trump declared that his father would become the next GOP presidential nominee and would square off against President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

And they want to take him out of the race and we’ve seen this before. We’ve seen the FBI be weaponized. We’ve seen the DOJ be weaponized,” he said.

He said that his father’s “greatest legacy” would be “exposing” these agencies. He added that his father has lost his “First Amendment right” at the hands of the intelligence agencies and is at the risk of being thrown in jail over “political speech.”

“People are seeing a man — the former, 45th president of the United States — who has lost his First Amendment right. They see political speech be attacked,” Eric Trump added.