‘Here’s The Problem With Shouting Into The TV’: Harris Faulkner Rips Former DNC Official As He Comes Unglued On Air

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ Harris Faulkner tore into former DNC Official Jose Aristimuño on Wednesday after he tried touting the Biden administration’s record.

Faulkner played a recent clip from Cornel West, who has declared a third party candidacy, in which West said that President Joe Biden needs to earn voters’ support in 2024.

“Look, he’s saying that President Biden should earn it. Well look, the inflation was at nine percent, it’s at three percent,” Aristimuño said in response to the clip. “The stock market had its best year since 1997. So the economy is growing — 13 million jobs. So, Mr. Cornel, you want to talk about earning, the president is earning it, and we still got 460 days before the election. Things are looking up for the president!”

“So here’s the problem with shouting into the TV — and you know I love you,” Faulkner shot back. “If it were actually the president having to do it, he’s talking to somebody who really shouldn’t even be a problem for him. For all the things that Jose said, the bottom line is that people don’t feel what he’s is talking about,” Faulkner said.

Fox News political analyst Gianni Caldwell then jumped in, arguing that many Democrats value “black votes” but not “black lives.”

“Let me respond quickly,” Aristimuño interjected. (RELATED: Harris Faulkner Asks DeSantis Straight Up Why His Campaign Is A ‘Mission Failure’)

“No third party – and I’m not gonna shout – no third party candidate has won the presidency ever … In the last hundred years–” Aristimuno began before Harris cut him off to cite an op-ed in The Hill that pointed out four presidential elections in which a third-party candidate arguably altered the outcome. The examples were Theodore Roosevelt’s run as the Bull Moose candidate in 1912, Ross Perot’s independent bid in 1992, Ralph Nader’s run as the Green Party nominee in 2000 and the 2016 campaigns of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green candidate Jill Stein.

Faulkner then shifted focus to Vice President Kamala Harris’ low approval ratings and mocked her for attempting to deny her own unpopularity.

“We couldn’t find a single poll that says she is doing great in approval. Poll after poll finds the vice president with historically high disapproval ratings. They often reach over 50 percent. Jose, yell if you have to.”

Aristimuño said he takes polls “with a grain of salt” and that “Democrats are doing everything they can to have the greatest economic recovery.” Aristimuno went on to say that polls suggest that Biden and Harris are a “winning ticket” for Democrats, prompting Faulkner to exclaim “Wow” as Caldwell rolled back in his chair laughing.