‘A Free Nation Once Again’: Trump Slams ‘Corruption,’ Outlines Vision For Next Term In First Speech Since Arraignment


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Former President Donald Trump spoke at the Alabama GOP Dinner on Friday, tearing into his rivals, shredding his indictments, and outlining his goals if he wins the White House in 2024.

Alabama GOP Chairman John Wahl praised Trump for his economic record, business growth, and gas prices. He told the crowd of 2,700 that the dinner was the most successful fundraiser in the history of the Alabama GOP, raising $1.2 million.

The former president honed in on familiar issues such as the 2024 general election and his multiple indictments, including the most recent from federal prosecutor Jack Smith. He outlined the accomplishments of his first term including his work on the wall on the southern border and foreign policy. (RELATED: Biden Admin Indicts Trump For The Third Time)

Trump opened his speech by calling President Joe Biden “crooked,” and promised to “evict” him from the White House.

“We’re going to expel the criminals and thugs from the halls of power in Washington, D.C.,” Trump said. “And we are going to make America great again.”

He praised his political movement for standing up to the “corrupt political establishment.” He also expressed discontent with the direction of the country while underlining his positions.

“Our country is going to hell,” he said. “We said no to open borders, no to globalist trade deals, no to endless wars, and no to the godless values of the communist left.”

“We always put America first,” he added.

He accused his political opponents of using the “Russia hoax” and “fake dossiers” to hurt him politically.

He slammed the “corrupt” Biden Justice Department for filing “bogus charges” against him. He argued that they could have filed the charges much earlier, but waited until the election season to have a maximized political impact against him. He claimed that every indictment filed against him only helps him in the polls. He ultimately dismissed the charges as an “act of desperation” against him. (RELATED: Trump Jokes He Needs ‘One More Indictment’ To Win Election)

He brushed off criticisms of his denial of the 2020 election, asserting his right to question the results. He declared that he is not a threat to American democracy, but that he’s trying to save American democracy.

“It was a very bad election, everybody knows that.”

He also skewered Biden’s performance, lamenting that he has access to the nuclear code. He claimed that Biden knows he cannot win the race fairly, so he’s attempting “interference” to swing the results his way. The former president repeated his claim that the 2020 election was stolen.

“We’re not going to allow them to rig the presidential election of 2024,” Trump declared.

He then took aim at Smith, accusing him of “prosecutorial misconduct.” Trump alleged that his civil rights were being violated alongside other people the Biden administration is purportedly “persecuting.”

He also called indictment a “badge of honor,” saying that it is representative of the work he’s done to represent the interests of his base.

“I’m being indicted for you,” Trump stated.

Trump was arraigned in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, facing charges relating to the alleged attempt to interfere in the 2020 election and alleged involvement in Jan. 6.

He promised to place a special prosecutor to investigate the alleged business dealings of the “Biden crime family.” The Biden family has been accused of taking bribes in exchange for foreign policy decisions. (RELATED: Trump Says Timing Of Third Indictment Is Attempt To Quash ‘Bad Publicity’ Of Hunter Allegations)

Trump also tore into his main GOP rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, claiming that the governor begged for his endorsement during the 2018 GOP Gubernatorial primary. He hinted that his relationship with DeSantis soured when the Florida governor decided to run for president, a move that he considered disloyal.

“That son of a bitch, he’s running,” Trump said.

He said that DeSantis doesn’t have a personality, causing him to struggle in the primary.

“He’s got no personality,” Trump said, adding that “in politics you need a personality.”

“He’s dropped like a rock, and hopefully he’ll stay there,” Trump added, pinning DeSantis’ rocky poll numbers to his lack of “loyalty.”

He promised to “totally obliterate the deep state,” end “Bidenomics,” achieve energy independence and lower energy costs. He also promised to “say no to 87,000” new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents. For the state of Alabama, Trump said he would approve a six-lane I-65 from Huntsville to Mobile, Alabama. He also said that he would close the Department of Education, a longtime goal for many conservatives.

Trump also said that his next administration would pursue an ambitious trade policy. He said he would “impose a border tariff on all foreign-made goods” and enact a reciprocal tariff with other countries.

“If China or any other country makes us pay a 100 percent or 200 percent tariff, we will make them pay a reciprocal tariff of 100 percent or 200 percent right back,” Trump said.

Trump declared he would end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a promise that he has made before.

He also said that he would prevent biological men from participating in women’s sports and sign laws preventing children from undergoing sex-change therapies. Likewise, he promised to reinstate the ban on transgender service members in the military. He also said that he would prevent the teaching of gender, sexual, or racial content in schools.

“I promise you this, if you put me back in the White House, their reign will be over and America will be a free nation once again!” Trump stated.