One Of The Last Two States Prohibiting Self-Serve Gas Pumping Just Ended Their 72-Year Ban

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Alexander Pease Contributor
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Oregon residents can now pump their own gas – as a bill was signed into law Friday ending the Beaver State’s 72-year moratorium on drivers having the right to pump their fuel.

Democratic Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek signed into law legislation that permits people to be able to pick between pumping their own gas or having their vehicles pumped by an attendant, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

New Jersey remains the only state that bars drivers from pumping their own gas as it still requires gas station employees to fill customers’ tanks. (RELATED: ‘Collecting Dust:’ Car Dealerships Reporting Prolonged Shelf-Life For EVs)


The nation of South Africa also bans drivers from pumping their own fuel, according to the outlet.

The state of Oregon initially banned gasoline self-service back in 1951, in part, because of safety concerns. Specifically, officials were worried motorists would potentially slip on slick surfaces from excess outpouring of petrol and the state’s infamous tendency for gloomy precipitation. (RELATED: STUDY: Red States Offer Lowest Gas Prices)

The new law also forces self-service pumps as well as full-service pumps to have the same prices, the outlet noted. Furthermore, the bill prevents gas stations from offering more self-service pumps than full-service ones.

Before the bill was passed, gas stations in more rural, remote “sparsely populated” parts of Oregon already allowed for drivers to pump their own gas during the later hours of the night, as well as when an attendant was not present.