Video Shows Reality Show Contestant With Ticks On His Genitalia


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Cameras rolled as “Naked and Afraid” contestant Andrew Shayde woke up to find a number of ticks attached to his genitalia.

Video footage posted by TMZ shows him hunched over and looking into his private area as he discovered the first one — and then many more.

“I woke up this morning with five ticks on my little castaway,” Shayde said in a narrated video that summed up his experience. The video clip flicked back to his scary ordeal, where he continued counting the ticks as he removed them one by one.

Just when it seemed his situation couldn’t possibly get any worse, Shayde required the assistance of several other people, who proceeded to probe his butt by digging in between his cheeks with tweezers to remove any hiding culprits.

“Knowing my history with ticks — and my best challenges — this is definitely freaking me out!” Shayde said in the video posted by TMZ.

The downside of sleeping naked in the jungle was quickly apparent. Shayde screamed in pain while two people dug ticks out of his butt.

“I have more than one tick in my butt,” Shayde said in the video.

Fellow contestant Patrick French seemed to have dodged the worst of it when he discovered ticks between his legs but not in his “prime real estate.”

Shayde described his experience with the painful, dangerous critters.(RELATED: Supermodel Undergoes ‘Intense Treatment’ Amid Health Crisis)

“Last night was a full assault,” Shayde said.

The contestants on the reality television show are attempting to survive three weeks on a remote tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean — without any clothes.