Clint Eastwood’s Longtime Mistress Dead At Age 93


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Roxanne Tunis, the longtime mistress of famous actor Clint Eastwood, died June 23 at the age of 93 after a “brief illness.”

The daughter Tunis shared with Eastwood, Kimber Eastwood, confirmed her death in an email statement, according to Radar. Tunis and Eastwood reportedly had an affair that lasted 14 years, and remained very close.

“My mom passed after a brief illness,” Kimber said, per Radar. She noted Clint sent his condolences to her and her son — Clint’s grandson. “He is just as sad as I am,” Kimber said in reference to Clint. Tunis’ death was not immediately reported by the family.

“Roxanne was one of Clint’s true loves,” a source close to the family said, according to Radar.

“He maintained a healthy relationship with Roxanne until the end, and is devastated by the loss and for his daughter Kimber,” the source said.

“Roxanne worshipped the ground he walked on,” another source with direct knowledge told Radar.

“She didn’t give a damn about the fact that Clint was a star. She was never impressed with all the money and fame. All she ever wanted was to have and to hold Clint Eastwood the man,” the source said.

Tunis and Eastwood reportedly began their romance while he was still married to his first wife, Maggie Johnson, in 1964. They met during filming of the television series “Rawhide” in 1959, according to Radar. Eastwood and Tunis continued dating well into the 70s, in spite of his marriage. Tunis was cast in Eastwood’s 1978 film, “Every Which Way but Loose.”

A Hollywood television insider reported on the interactions between Eastwood and Tunis behind the scenes.

“On the set, they were very open about the fact they were lovers. After Clint would finish a scene, he’d amble over to Roxanne and stroll around the set with his arm affectionately around her,” the source said, according to Radar. (RELATED: Joan Kors Dead At Age 84)

“She was usually in his dressing room trailer. With his influence, he had her elevated from extra girl to being a bit player,” the insider said.

The famous actor also maintained a relationship with Kimber, who played a White House tour guide in her father’s hit movie, “Absolute Power.”

Eastwood married twice and reportedly has at least eight children with six different women. Tunis was his longest-lasting mistress, according to Radar.