Colin Cowherd Makes Big Mistake Talking About Deceased Ex-Quarterback During Show

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: NFL_DovKleiman

Joe Roberts Contributor
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Fox Sports 1 analyst Colin Cowherd made a mistake by talking about a deceased ex-quarterback during his show Tuesday, resulting in pushback online.

During a segment of “The Herd With Colin Cowherd,” a graphic with a list of quarterbacks who “can’t win Super Bowls” — according to Cowherd — included former Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Commanders quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Haskins, a 2019 first round pick from Ohio State, died at age 24 on April 9, 2022, after being hit by a dump truck in south Florida, according to CBS Sports. He had reportedly been walking on foot along Interstate 595. (RELATED: REPORT: Widow Of NFL Star Dwayne Haskins Says He Was Robbed And Drugged Before His Death).

Cowherd mentioned the former quarterback by name during the segment and did not appear to catch or correct himself. The graphic, which was labeled “Colin’s ‘QBs That Can Win Super Bowls,'” also featured several quarterbacks who are no longer in the NFL, such as Paxton Lynch, EJ Manuel, Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel.

“Twenty guys who are not getting to a Super Bowl, and certainly not winning it, and that’s everybody else,” Cowherd said before the list of names flashed onscreen. “From Baker Mayfield, Teddy Bridgewater, Dwayne Haskins — guys, guys that are just not … yeah.”

“It says ‘can win Super Bowls,'” Cowherd continued, referring to the graphic’s title. “It’s ‘can’t.’ ‘Can’t win Super Bowls.'”

Commentators on Twitter met the moment with criticism.